[ovs-discuss] Info about OVS kernel module

Syed Abdullah Shah 08beeabshah at seecs.edu.pk
Mon Feb 13 17:04:46 UTC 2012

We are running some tests for which we require multiple OVSs to be deployed
in the network. I want to clarify some things before we proceed.
Is there multi-threading employed in the OVS kernel module? I mean If
we have a cpu containing 16 cores can we run 16 separate ovs kernel
modules so that essentially each core can act like an OVS? I know we
can create multiple bridges on top of a single OVS kernel but that will
be essentially one OVS. Please guide me in this and please correct me
If I am perceiving things wrong. What we want is that multiple OVS
instances should be running on multiple cores. Is it possible ? If not do
we need a separate CPU or a VM for each OVS instance ?

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