[ovs-discuss] Interval /transmission timer for particular MPs in CFM

Ethan Jackson ethan at nicira.com
Fri Feb 17 00:33:45 UTC 2012

> If we are using cfm_interval while creating cfm mpid then--
> 1) Is that means it is for this particular Mpid.so it means we can configure
> different interval for different MPids?

OVS will allow you to configure each MP with whatever transmission
interval you like.  However, it's recommended to configure each MP in
the same broadcast domain with the same transmission interval.

> 2) along with that I want to know how can I see the current timer value by
> any show command for particular MPids, I didn' tfind any command for this.

ovs-appctl cfm/show will give you information about currently configured CFM.


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> Ed
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