[ovs-discuss] how to enable inband communication

sachin sharma sharon_sachin at yahoo.co.in
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Hi Ben,
Do I also need to enable in-band stuff at the datapath ports as well?   I just added the datapath port as explained in INSTALL.Linux and then setted up the controller as you explained in last mail.  I am not observing any packet exchange in the tcpdump output of datapath ports.   My set up is =>  switch A, B and C connected in a linear way and the controller is connected to switch B. So in this setup, I am interested that the controller traffic of the switch A and C should go via datapath ports connected to switch B. 


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On Wed, Feb 15, 2012 at 08:02:05PM +0530, sachin sharma wrote:
> I found the design of inband communication at openvswitch via DESIGN
> file in the openvswitch. However, i did not find the exact steps to
> configure this in our switches.

In-band control is enabled by default when you configure a controller.
You can use "ovs-vsctl set-controller <bridge> <controller>" to
configure a controller.
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