[ovs-discuss] Problems understanding ovs with of support

Luca Prete luca.prete at garr.it
Fri Feb 24 09:11:16 UTC 2012

Thanks for your answers!

Setting fail-mode to secure worked great...Anyway it was just to 
understand...Since now I'll set up OVS with default options (standalone)...

Answering to Ozaki...I just use two nics on my OVS (eth1 and eth2) + 
eth3 for management, and one nic per host attached..

Does anyone of you know what's the classifier table? What's the 
difference between that particular table and the others?



Il 23/02/2012 19:40, Luiz Ozaki ha scritto:
> Luca,
>> - ovs-vsctl add-port br0 eth1
>> - ovs-vsctl add-port br0 eth2
> Do you use 2 NIC per Host ? Are they NIC team ?
> Maybe use bond ?
> ovs-vsctl add-bond br0 bond0 eth1 eth2
>> I attached two hosts on ETH1 and ETH2 and, also without using a 
>> controller acting as a L2 MAC-learning switch, they can ping one each 
>> other.
>> How can this be possible? I thought a switch needed the controller to 
>> work properly as L2 MAC-switch ...
>> So, trying to understand what was wrong, I typed
>> - ovs-ofctl dump-tables br0
>> -ovs-ofctl dump-flows br0
> On your dump-flows you should have something like:
> cookie=0x0, duration=586260.781s, table=0, n_packets=20102186, 
> n_bytes=91142249326, priority=0 actions=NORMAL
> As the default, action NORMAL do the L2/L3 processing. So no need for 
> a controller.
> I think the L2 mac-learning using a controller is just an example of 
> what you can do with a controller.
> OVS alone should work in most of the cases.
> -- 
> Luiz Henrique Ozaki
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