[ovs-discuss] Requirements to run the 'QoS Rate-Limiting' configuration cookbook

Jingfei Hu jingfei.hu at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 11:50:27 UTC 2012

Thanks for your reply. According to the Setup part of QoS Rate-Limiting
configuration cookbook, two VMs are essential. So how I setup two VMs
without KVM or XenServer on Ubuntu Oneiric (x86)?

2012/2/24 Luiz Ozaki <luiz.ozaki at locaweb.com.br>

>  On 2/24/12 6:39 AM, Jingfei Hu wrote:
> Hi, everyone,
> I have installed Open vSwitch 1.4.0 on Ubuntu Oneiric as a userspace
> program. Then I want to try the QoS Rate-Limiting which is the first entry
> of Configuration Cookbook. I am wondering that whether the OVS should be
> installed on XenServer or not in order to run this scenario.
>  Hi Jingfei,
> It should work.
> Since you have all installed already, try to run those ovs-vsctl command
> to apply QoS and see.
> If you get any problem, tell us.
> --
> Luiz Henrique Ozaki
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