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Fri Jun 29 21:31:54 UTC 2012

A: The following table lists the Linux kernel versions against which the
   given versions of the Open vSwitch kernel module will successfully
   build.  The Linux kernel versions are upstream kernel versions, so
   modified Linux kernels modified from the upstream sources may not
   build in some cases even if they are based on a supported version.
   This is most notably true of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) kernels,
   which are extensively modified from upstream.

   Open vSwitch   Linux kernel
   ------------   -------------
       1.4.x      2.6.18 to 3.2
       1.5.x      2.6.18 to 3.2
       1.6.x      2.6.18 to 3.2
       1.7.x      2.6.18 to 3.3
       1.8.x      2.6.18 to 3.4
       1.9.x      2.6.18 to 3.6

   Open vSwitch userspace should also work with the Linux kernel module
   built into Linux 3.3 and later.

   Open vSwitch userspace is not sensitive to the Linux kernel version.
   It should build against almost any kernel, certainly against 2.6.18
   and later.

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