[ovs-discuss] Open vSwitch paket lost in VMWare Wolrd

maillist at ai-t.eu maillist at ai-t.eu
Thu Jun 28 09:53:10 UTC 2012

Dear Maillist,

i have one big Network Problem in my environment.

We use SuSE Linux as VMWare Guest, into this VMware Guest we running a
Open vSwitch for Netwerk support for Linux Containers.

We have found that, many packets lost if we try to ping one Open vSwitch
Port in this VMware guest. Somtimes we see duplicate packets.

The Main Configuration Works but sometimes the Pakete will lost and i lost
my connection to the Open vSwitch Port.

I have deactivate the STP on my Open vSwitch, after that we dont have see
any duplicate pakages, but the Network not works. We have many connections

My Question is, have anybody experience with open vSwitch into a WMware
Guest? And can anybody say that this works or not?

I am verry worry becaouse this constalation not works in our environment.

I am happy about all feedback thanks.


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