[ovs-discuss] Upgraded to openvswitch-1.4.1 and still high load and polluted syslog

Oliver Francke Oliver.Francke at filoo.de
Tue May 29 12:02:01 UTC 2012

Hi Justin/Volkan,

On 05/24/2012 06:50 PM, Justin Pettit wrote:
> On May 24, 2012, at 8:43 AM, Volkan YAZICI wrote:
>> I always thought STP would have been enabled by default.
> vswitches are typically deployed at the edge, so there isn't usually a need for STP in those deployments.  STP support is a relatively recent addition, and since OVS is usually run as a vswitch, we decided to leave it off by default.

well... that's not the worst decision. If I add/delete tap-interfaces 
for the qemu-kvm processes, there is a connectivity-timeout on the whole 
machine, which I now refer to an STP-relevant event.
How can I make sure, that interface-up/down does _not_ influence the 
ovs-stp-functionality, if at all possible?

Thnx in at vance,


> --Justin


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