[ovs-discuss] Issue with multiple port in single Br

r po r2.d2 at live.fr
Thu Sep 27 14:29:12 UTC 2012


I test ovs since few weeks, and I notice a strange thing (maybe it's normal but it's seems wrong to me )

this is my ovs's config

    Bridge PROD
        Port "virt1_eth0"
            tag: 10
            Interface "virt1_eth0"
        Port "prod1"
            tag: 10
            Interface "prod1"
                type: internal
        Port PROD
            Interface PROD
                type: internal
        Port "prod2"
            tag: 20
            Interface "prod2"
                type: internal
        Port "virt2_eth0"
            tag: 20
            Interface "virt2_eth0"
        Port "bond0"
            Interface "eth0"
            Interface "eth1"
    ovs_version: "1.4.0+build0"

all work. it's fine. Now i would add a new physical interface to a specific vlan on bridge PROD.

ovs-vsctl add-port PROD eth2 tag=300

then, I lost connection for few minutes before it will work again.

I try many conf, specify trunk on bond0 for vlan 10 and 20. Try to create another fake-bridge and then add-port eth2 to the new fake bridge .. 

but i lost my connection for few minutes every time !

In the same slice of issue, when connection work again i configure mirroring and then i lost my connection. (it's look like it's the same problems, cause it's the same symptom)
It is the same thing when i delete this mirror (mirror which work fine, then the connection is back)

this is a normally reaction and i missed something ? if yes, can you explain why ?
and if it's not .. can you have a solution ?

thank's again.


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