[ovs-discuss] Issue with multiple port in single Br

r po r2.d2 at live.fr
Fri Sep 28 08:06:54 UTC 2012


I test again with this config : 

switch physique         port 1-2   lacp L3-L4 tag 10, 20
                                port 3 tag 30

coté OVS    bond0 eth0 eth1 lacp=active other-config:lacp-time=fast bond_mode=balance-tcp trunk=10,20

when i'm add eth2 tag=30 on bridge PROD I lost my connection for few minutes.

I have enable ELRP on my switch (for prevent loop) the physical switch don't see any loop. 

so, it is a normal reaction ?

I don't see anything on log, but on flow I see when i'm add (or del) my eth2 tag=30 in bride PROD all flow disappear. at least when the connection came back, i see correct flow with pop_vlan .. 
In laps time where i lost connection, the flow on my bond is "actions:drop"

 I'm sure i have not a loop in my physical switch, and if i have a loop in OVS then i have different tag on my interfaces it's problematic .. 

i hope i explain fine my problems .. 

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