[ovs-discuss] performance of openvswitch with KVM

nirmoy das nirmoy.aiemd at gmail.com
Thu May 9 14:48:18 UTC 2013


I'm trying to generate netflow packet rapidly from open vswitch.

I'm using  netperf -t TCP_CRR to get max netflow packet as it create new
for every transection.
I'm using openvswitch to connect VM machines.

setup1: two host with 1Gbps nic one VM on each,  one VM execute "netperf -t
TCP_CRR -H VM1"   60 times simultaneously.

setup2: One  VM as netperf server on  one host, two VM on another host acts
as netperf client.
            Both client execute netperf -t TCP_CRR -H VM1 30 times each

setup1 gives me more netflow packet then setup2 . Can some one explain why
its happening .
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