[ovs-discuss] addition of a port in ovs switch which is not physically present

akash sharma akashsharma.0812 at gmail.com
Thu May 16 08:24:30 UTC 2013


I want to verify that all the ports which are added to the ovs switch are
present in the ovs list/show commands as well as the feature reply message
from switch to the controller.

I am adding a port to the bridge which does not exist physically.
After the addition of port, the added port is present in the following
command results:
ovs-vsctl show
ovs-vsctl list interface
ovs-vsctl port

But the port is not shown in the following ovs-ofctl commands:
ovs-ofctl show br0
ovs-ofctl dump-ports br0
ovs-ofctl dump-ports-desc br0

Also, the feature reply message sent by the switch to the controller does
not contain the added port.
It contains ports which are physically present(connected to another

Please confirm whether this is desired behavior or I am missing something.

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