[ovs-discuss] Help on QoS Enhancement of OVS

Monica Gawas monica_gawas93 at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 9 07:35:34 UTC 2014

          I  am  part  of  a  group of students, and  we  are  planning to  do our  final year  project  in  open  source.
We would love to contribute to the OVS community, so we are thinking of doing something to improve the QoS.
          After  reading  the  Documentation,  FAQs,  and  other  stuff on  openvswitch.org and  other sources,  we 
found that  QoS is at its  infancy in OVS.  OVS can rate limit the  communication, by  Interface Rate Limiting or
Port QoS Policy.
          We have understood how QoS works in OVS, but we can't come up with a nice project idea to improve it.
We are a group of 5, and the development time avaliable is 6-8 months. We would be equally happy to work in
the user level or kernel level, as long as it makes a significant improvement in OVS. 
Please, can someone help us.
          Thank You in advance.
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