[ovs-discuss] Help on QoS Enhancement of OVS

Monica Gawas monica_gawas93 at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 13 16:28:09 UTC 2014

Dear Sirs,
                   Thank You for your replies.
 Wes Felter : "Is there documentation about how to perform per-tenant QoS on a physical 
                       port in an overlay network like Neutron ML2? Since the tenants are on 
                       the integration bridge and the physical port is on a different (or no) 
                       bridge, it's not obvious how to do this. An example QoS policy would be 
                       weighted fair queuing where the weight is equal to the amount of CPU/RAM 
                       purchased by the tenant. "

Thank You for such a wonderful idea. It has given us a direction to look into.
We will definately dig deeper into it. And implement, if feasible.
I will surely update on the documentation.
Ben Flaff : "What do you see as the most important deficiency?"
Being quite the beginners in this stuff, we found some very basic deficiencies like :
1.     QoS implementations in ovs only support a simple rate limiting , rather than intelligent QoS with a minimum bandwidth
        guarantee. With rate limiting, each queue is assigned a specific amount of bandwidth that cannot be exceeded. But what if  
        the queue is being under-utilized ?
2.     Uncontrolled incoming traffic at the device, to a VM that is sharing a network device, can severely impact the performance of
        other VMs because the decision to drop an incoming packet is taken after the device has received the packet. This could 
        potentially cause a denial of service attack on the VMs sharing the device.
Sorry, if i sound stupid, but  we are still in the literature survey phase. :)
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