[ovs-discuss] resubmit action within a group bucket

Srini Seetharaman srini.seetharaman at gmail.com
Wed Aug 20 19:49:30 UTC 2014

Thanks Ben.

> It isn't currently supported.  The actions in groups are OpenFlow
> "action sets", which means that they are executed in a specific order
> defined by the OpenFlow spec regardless of the order in which the
> actions are actually specified.  We haven't yet defined where
> "resubmit" should fall in that ordering, so currently resubmit doesn't
> get executed at all.

What if I remove the resubmit from the group action, and include that
in the main flow action like follows?
$ sudo ovs-ofctl --protocols=OpenFlow13 add-group s1
$ sudo ovs-ofctl --protocols=OpenFlow13 add-flow s1

Is this supposed to work? It didn't work for me.

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