[ovs-discuss] Unable to set queue min-rate to zero

Slavica Tomovic slavicat.cg at gmail.com
Wed Mar 26 11:25:52 UTC 2014


I want to create OF application that will dynamically create queues
for QoS traffic flows. I want to reserve queue 0 on every port for
best-effort traffic, and I don't want to guarantee bandwidth for it.
It should always get part of bandwidth that QoS traffic doesn't use in
that moment.

So, I used this command to create q0:

ovs-vsctl -- set Port eth1 qos=@newqos -- --id=@newqos create QoS
type=linux-htb other-config:max-rate=10000000 queues=0=@q0 -- --id=@q0
create Queue other-config:min-rate=0 other-config:max-rate=10000000

As result I get uuids of created queues and Alarm Clock message.

After that, when I use ovs-ofctl command I get message that connection
is refused and have to run vswitchd again...

When I use some value bigger or equal than 10 for min-rate I don't
have this problem...

Can you please give me some advice?

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