[ovs-discuss] Using bitmap in OvS.

Ederval Pablo Ferreira ederval.cruz at ifes.edu.br
Mon Nov 10 20:47:57 UTC 2014

I'm trying to get the flow and insert them in the bitmap, using hash
functions (in the case of OVS has JHASH and MURMURHASH, but I want to work
with the second because it has better performance as far as I researched).
Analyzing seen that has a function called hash_bytes (which has 3
parameters that do not understand (yet, I'm studying the code) especially
the "basis" parameter). But my question is how to get the structure of the
workflow package (which if I'm not mistaken is the sw_flow if the OVS) and
apply the hash function and insert the result in bitmap? I want to hash
only addr_src and addr_src to put in the bitmap. Do you have any ideas, or
have any examples or experiences?

Best regards and thanks to advance.

*Ederval Pablo Ferreira da Cruz
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