[ovs-discuss] problem with ovs and libvirt

Anna Giannakou anna.giannakou at inria.fr
Tue Nov 11 10:02:52 UTC 2014

I have an ovs bridge with 3 gre interfaces and one libvirt interface. The set up is like this: 
Bridge br-tun 
Port "gremirror1" 
Interface "gremirror1" 
type: gre 
options: {remote_ip=""} 
Port br-tun 
Interface br-tun 
type: internal 
Port "gremirror2" 
Interface "gremirror2" 
type: gre 
options: {remote_ip=""} 
Port "vnet0" 
Interface "vnet0" 
Port "gremirror3" 
Interface "gremirror3" 
type: gre 
options: {remote_ip=""} 

I try to mirror all the traffic on the bridge to the vnet0 using the command : 
ovs-vsctl -- set interface vnet0 type=internal -- --id=@p get port vnet0 -- --id=@m create mirror name=m0 select-all=true output-port=@p -- set bridge br-tun mirrors=@ 
Unfortunatelly, this does not work. The mirror is created normally, but i cannot see any traffic when i tcpdump it. The same goes for inside the vm also ( i cant see anything). Is there something that i can try to solve that?? 
I have tried to mirror the traffic to another interface that i create inside ovs and it works normally. 

Thanks in advance 

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