[ovs-discuss] How can i let the flow entries don't disppear after restart the ovs?

Srini Seetharaman srini.seetharaman at gmail.com
Wed Nov 12 02:04:32 UTC 2014

> It's hard for me to believe that ovs-testcontroller is too heavyweight
> for any environment.

The ovs-testcontroller is, of course, not heavyweight. But in our
scenario I am not able to rely on that. Since we want to avoid
designate one particular node as a controller or a manager, I'm having
all the OVS instances listen to ptcp:6634. Then I push rules to them
either through ovs-ofctl or the test controller (from any external
orchestration system or from another active node). On restart of any
one OVS, the rules are not pushed. Even if I make it a periodic
attempt to push rules, there will be some downtime, which I'd ideally
like to avoid.

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