[ovs-discuss] Megaflows.

Krist van Besien Krist.vanBesien at cloudlynx.ch
Mon Nov 24 14:20:32 UTC 2014

On Thu, 2014-11-20 at 14:57 +0000, Krist van Besien wrote:
> Hello,
> Looking for solutions to our performance problems I stumbled upon a
> mention of "megaflows". However how you enable these is nowhere
> indicated. (At least nowhere that google can find) 
> Can someone tell me how you use this feature?

I've done a few test. On one machine I started nping with the following
 nping --tcp  -p 1-65000 --flags S -q  --rate 100000 -c

When I do ovs-dpctl dump-flows I see a lot of flows, a few thousand
even, all looking very similar:

tunnel(tun_id=0x12,src=,dst=,tos=0x0,ttl=64,flags(key)),in_port(77),eth(src=fa:16:3e:03:45:0f,dst=fa:16:3e:ea:02:09),eth_type(0x0800),ipv4(src=,dst=,proto=6,tos=0,ttl=64,frag=no),tcp(src=43971,dst=21474), packets:0, bytes:0, used:never, actions:83
tunnel(tun_id=0x12,src=,dst=,tos=0x0,ttl=64,flags(key)),in_port(77),eth(src=fa:16:3e:03:45:0f,dst=fa:16:3e:ea:02:09),eth_type(0x0800),ipv4(src=,dst=,proto=6,tos=0,ttl=64,frag=no),tcp(src=43971,dst=1634), packets:0, bytes:0, used:never, actions:83
tunnel(tun_id=0x12,src=,dst=,tos=0x0,ttl=64,flags(key)),in_port(77),eth(src=fa:16:3e:92:73:01,dst=fa:16:3e:ea:02:09),eth_type(0x0800),ipv4(src=,dst=,proto=6,tos=0,ttl=64,frag=no),tcp(src=18040,dst=43971), packets:0, bytes:0, used:never, actions:83

This looks like megaflows is not active.
What do I look at next?


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