[ovs-discuss] QoS HTB queue prioritization

Ricardo Santos rrsantos at student.dei.uc.pt
Mon Nov 24 22:50:12 UTC 2014


I'm setting up a scenario in Open vSwitch where I have multiple flows that
can be differentiated by 2 groups with different QoS configurations.

Each flow from the first group has a low bandwidth requirement and should
be prioritized over the traffic from the second group flows. Each flow from
the second group needs a higher amount of bandwidth.

So far my configuration consists in creating a HTB QoS entry in each used
node with OVS for all the ports used to route the traffic. Then I create 2
queues, one for each group of traffic and add flow rules with the
appropriate enqueue options.

In order to prioritize the traffic from one queue to another, I'm
configuring the queues with the "priority" option, having the first group
queue with priority 1 and the second with priority 2.

However, I still experience packet loss in flows from the first group with
this setup (the required bandwidth from these flows is short). Do you maybe
know what's causing it? Shouldn't this configuration theoretically work?

I was playing with the available HTB options in Open vSwitch and so far the
only way to avoid packet loss in group 1 flows was to create a max-rate
value in the other queue, limiting the available bandwidth, but I want to
avoid limiting the queues' bandwidth, only prioritize the respective

I am using Open vSwitch 2.3.0 with Ubuntu Server 14.04.1.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Best regards,
Ricardo Santos
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