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张伟 zhangwqh at 126.com
Fri Nov 28 01:40:46 UTC 2014

I used multiple clients to test. Now it works. 
I want to know whether my understanding is correct for multipath. 
In multipath_execute()->nxm_reg_load(), the key action is to store the selected link result to struct flow member regs that the user defined in the command line
        flow->regs[mf->id - MFF_REG0] = ntohl(value->be32);

In the match_format() function, 
it will read the regs value and use it as one part of the matching the flow entry, 

I have another question. If I want to use multiple regs. How do I use them from the command line? Can you give an example? Another question is I am confused with the dst[start..end] start and end value if the reg is not reg0. I did not know how to define and use it. Eg, If I have 1024 links, what should start and end be in this case?

At 2014-11-27 04:39:46, "Ben Pfaff" <blp at nicira.com> wrote:
>On Wed, Nov 26, 2014 at 10:13:19AM +0800, 张伟 wrote:
>> Sorry for another email. Yesterday from the function
>> flow_hash_symmetric_l4() I have realized that symmetric_l4 does not
>> contain udp port information. So I changed to use tcp and multiple
>> clients. The multiple clients should have different source
>> ports. However, all of the traffic still go to the same link.
>Are you still using only 2 flows?  The choice of link is statistical, so
>with only 2 flows there is a 50% chance that both flows will use the
>same link.
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