[ovs-discuss] Bypassing linux forwarding module?

Abhishek Verma abhishekv.verma at gmail.com
Fri Nov 28 02:11:32 UTC 2014


I have just downloaded and installed ovs.

root at abhishek:/home/abhishek/ovs/openvswitch-2.3.0# /sbin/lsmod | grep open
openvswitch            89196  0
gre                    14236  1 openvswitch
root at abhishek:/home/abhishek/ovs/openvswitch-2.3.0#

I created a bridge called "mybridge" and added eth2 (the port that
connected by linux to the external world). I used dhcp to assign an IP
address and am able to connect to the external world using the ovs bridge.

My question is this:

By doing this am i completely bypassing the linux forwarding module and are
all my packets now being forwarded using the open vswitch stack?

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