[ovs-discuss] Problem with mac address learning.

Chris Bennett chris at ceegeebee.com
Fri Oct 3 14:42:12 UTC 2014

> The networking hosts have two interfaces, which are bonded. This is
> the cause of the ovswitch seeing arp requests also appearing on port
> 1, and thus incorrectly learning where that mac address is.
> I disabled on link, and the problem went away.
> However I need both those links for redundance. So now the question
> has become how to use these two links, without creating arp loops.
> Any ideas there?

No ideas sorry.  I'm only becoming familiar with LXC so I'm not sure
what the right path forward is.

The troubleshooting I had with Alex Wang & Ben Pfaff hasn't gotten any
further than what is already on the ML, but I'm glad there is at least
one other user seeing something similar to what I'm experiencing (not
that I wish it wasn't working for you :))

Hopefully some further advice will come our way.



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