[ovs-discuss] OpenVSwitch latency issues

Chris contact at progbau.de
Wed Oct 15 11:42:31 UTC 2014


We upgraded the ovs user space version to 2.3. 
The kernel module is still the shipped one: CentOS 6.5 Linux
We didn't see a big performance improvement. 

Here some more data, it's hard to see the hits & miss they seemed to be
unchanged, but the flows has reduced drastically. The ovs-vswitchd consumes
around 5% - 10 % CPU on both and almost no memory.

Version 1.11:
- around 5000 flows 
- around 3500 hits per second
- around 700 miss per second

After upgrade version 2.3:
- around 2500 flows
- around 3500 hits per second
- around 700 miss per second

Any further performance suggestions?
Thank you! 


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On Sun, Oct 12, 2014 at 02:27:42PM +0700, Chris wrote:
> Hello,
> actually I'm coming from OpenStack. But we use the L2 Open vSwitch 
> (1.11.0), so this is maybe the right place to ask.
> The Hypervisor is KVM the Guest Windows 2012 R2 we use the latest 
> virtio driver for the guest.
> We are facing some network performance issues on our webserver VMs. 
> For example each DB connection or internal API query adds an 
> additional latency by factor 2x.
> This accumulates and make the service latency wise to slow. 
> We did some performance testing and the throughput from/to the VM is a 
> little spikey.
> Especially the VM receiving  from a bare metal (BM) machine seems to 
> be significant slower.
> http://i.imgur.com/TByQsjZ.png
> Any tips to debug Open vSwitch regarding the latency or tuning tips?

The easiest thing to do is to upgrade to version 2.3.  We've been
concentrating on performance for the last several releases, so every version
you upgrade should improve performance.

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