[ovs-discuss] How is routing between subnets performed?

Brian Krisler bkrisler at bbn.com
Sat Oct 18 04:40:55 UTC 2014


I am trying to figure out the proper method to route between two subnets 
and can not seem to figure it out.

I have a setup like:

   H1 —> OVS  —> H2

where each host is running in its own VM with IPs:

H1   =
OVS = (eth0) and (eth1)
H3    = 10.0.01

I would like to have OVS flows that would allow H1 to see H3 (and H3 see H1). 
I first tried to use IP forwarding and Linux routing to solve the problem, 
but I could not figure out how to setup the routing tables on either H1 
or H3, since adding two ports to the bridge would eliminate one of the IPs on OVS.
I could get routing to work fine for the remote host that was on the same network
as the bridge, but had issues with the other IP.

I discovered this tutorial:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TD5wmoD7XOE&list=UUEoaojfEY_6L5TWWjIn9t9Q <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TD5wmoD7XOE&list=UUEoaojfEY_6L5TWWjIn9t9Q>
that used flows to handle some simple routing. While the flows described
in this video would work, the route issue still exists, preventing H1 from
ARPing a gateway to get a MAC address for H3.

What is the proper way to have two NICs, each on a different subnet attached
to a single OVS, and then have external hosts route correctly to the switch? 

Thanks for any suggestions.


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