[ovs-discuss] group stats bit in capabilities inside OFPT_FEATURES_REPLY

Anup Khadka khadka.py at gmail.com
Mon Oct 20 19:25:40 UTC 2014

Seeing this in OVS 2.1 encounter (but looks like the code is same now too)

The group stats bit is set to false in capabilities inside

Is there a reason why that's done, despite the fact that there is already
support for group stats?

Looking at the git source right now (function: handle_features_request,
file: ofproto.c), and I still see:
features.capabilities = (OFPUTIL_C_FLOW_STATS | OFPUTIL_C_TABLE_STATS |
                             OFPUTIL_C_PORT_STATS | OFPUTIL_C_QUEUE_STATS);

Why isn't OFPUTIL_C_GROUP_STATS included there?

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