[ovs-discuss] bonding and vxlan offload

Xu (Simon) Chen xchenum at gmail.com
Mon Oct 27 04:25:33 UTC 2014

Hey folks,

I've been trying to leverage vxlan hardware offload (checksum) to improve
tunnel performance.

If I run vxlan tunnels over a single 10Gbps interface, I can achieve
roughly 9Gbps throughput between VMs with MTU 1500 vnic. Without hardware
offload, the performance is much worse.

With bonding (2x10G), however, the performance doesn't go above 8Gbps. I've
tried doing bonding via ifenslave (6.5Gbps) as well as OVS bonding (8Gbps).

Any ideas why bonding seems to negate the hardware offload capability? Any
recommendations on configuration to fully leverage such hardware?

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