[ovs-discuss] What datapath packet flows in case of patch port

Mohit Malik hr_malik at rediffmail.com
Wed Oct 29 11:07:36 UTC 2014

i would like to know what datapath packet goes in case of patch port .
i have added two ovs bridges and connected them through patch port .
as we can see the data path port of patch ports is none .
pls let me know the code path through which data flows in case of patch port  can be tracked .

ovs-appctl dpif/show
system at ovs-system: hit:0 missed:0
        flows: cur: 0, avg: 0, max: 0, life span: 0ms
        overall avg: add rate: 0.000/min, del rate: 0.000/min
        br0: hit:0 missed:0
                br0 65534/3: (internal)
                patch0 2/none: (patch: peer=patch1)
                veth0 1/4: (system)
        br1: hit:0 missed:0
                br1 65534/1: (internal)
                patch1 2/none: (patch: peer=patch0)
                veth2 1/2: (system)
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