[ovs-discuss] ovsdb idl seq no updates during port add.

David Evans davidjoshuaevans at gmail.com
Thu Apr 16 15:46:44 UTC 2015

Hi OVS wizards.

When adding multiple dpdk ports to a bridge where after adding one or two,
I get a bridge_reconfigure caused by the  if (ovsdb_idl_get_seqno(idl) !=
idl_seqnoŠ at line 2956 of bridge.c which in turn makes the datapath id to
be unregistered.
Then the bridge automatically assigns a new data path id and sends out a
message to it¹s open flow controller (Ryu)

Trouble is, later the data path id¹s for those ports added before the
reconfigure are now out of date so my data path id¹s for the ports will
now be invalid
This trouble cascades further if I am still in the middle of adding ports
and flows ­ after the unregister happens via open flow, the data path
cannot be located so I have to throw some exceptions..
And then eventually we get a new data path id registration arrive over
open flow.

How do I :
A) Stop the reconfigure from happening
B) Get new data path id¹s for the ports previously attached so when I add
flows via open flow commands they apply to known new data path id.
C) handle the un-register / re register action gracefully via open flow

Now there is mention in bridge.c of OFP_PORT_ACTION_WINDOW which is
defined, but never used and I think was intended to help with just my
scenarioŠ sounds a bit unfinished in this regard

I am using head revision ovs
I am using a Ryu app as a controller.  With it¹s vsctl module for adding
bridges and ports via ovsdb,
and OpenFlow 1.3 protocol for openFlow controller for adding flows and
collecting data.


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