[ovs-discuss] Skip testsuite.patch application during compilation

Ben Pfaff blp at nicira.com
Thu Apr 23 19:30:02 UTC 2015

The testsuite is a distributed file, so applying it only on Windows
means that wherever you run "make dist" affects its capabilities.  Maybe
that's OK in this case though.

On Thu, Apr 23, 2015 at 07:51:59AM -0700, Gurucharan Shetty wrote:
> fwiw, I was able to reproduce the problem on Centos 6 with autoconf
> 2.63. I think it makes sense that we do the patching only on Windows.
> I will try to come up with a patch.
> On Thu, Apr 23, 2015 at 7:05 AM, Gurucharan Shetty <shettyg at nicira.com> wrote:
> > On Thu, Apr 23, 2015 at 2:53 AM, Stokes, Ian <ian.stokes at intel.com> wrote:
> >> Hi all,
> >>
> >> I'm attempting to compile OVS with DPDK on CentOS 6.6 and I am hitting an issue with testsuite.patch failing to apply during the last stages of compilation. I can see that the structure of the code in ovs/tests/testsuite itself is very different to what testsuite.patch expects (hence why it fails).
> >
> > Do you see the same problem while compiling OVS without dpdk on
> > Centos6.6? The patch was added a couple of months ago and I have not
> > seen any build failures because of that either in Windows or Linux.
> > The patch was added thinking that the build does not fail anywhere.
> > But it looks like it does and I wonder whether it is because of a
> > different autoconf version or something along those lines? Do see the
> > failures on Ubuntu?
> >
> >>
> >> Looking at first few lines of code below from testsuite.patch it seems this patch is only relevant if running in a windows environment
> > That is true.
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