[ovs-discuss] can't match vlan packet in OVS

Duankebo (Frank) duankebo at huawei.com
Mon Apr 27 10:58:01 UTC 2015

Hi guys:

    I have a VM(virtual machine) connected to an OVS vSwitch through a port. I set the port's vlan tag(1 in the following example). So when VM send out a packet, vSwitch will 
attach a vlan tag(vlan id = 1) to the packet. But It seems the vlan tag is attached only when the packet is sent out by vSwitch to physical network. 
	I want to add some openflow entries to OVS, which need to match packet by what network it come from, I use dl_vlan to mach in the openflow entries, 
Unfortunately, the match doesn't work, because the vlan tag has not be attached yet. Are there some other ways to match a specific vlan packet in the vSwitch?

	Thank you!

_uuid               : 0a356b09-b95d-4e02-9119-7e91f2066744
bond_downdelay      : 0
bond_fake_iface     : false
bond_mode           : []
bond_updelay        : 0
external_ids        : {}
fake_bridge         : false
interfaces          : [bbe064a5-1bc9-40c5-9cd1-c890088f8163]
name                : "qvo748e5b58-7b"
tag                 : 1
trunks              : []
vlan_mode           : []

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