[ovs-discuss] How does OpenFlow protocol action become flow table entry?

David Evans davidjoshuaevans at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 20:01:16 UTC 2015

Hi all, (Ben particularly)

I have been trolling through the source looking for  how OXM/NXM actions end
up as functioning entries in flow tables.
I understand that ofp-actions.c and the ofp_raw_action_type enumeration is
at the centre of it all.
I get how the incoming OpenFlow command strings are processed  by
encode/decode fns but that¹s about itŠ
But I don¹t understand the path of adding these actions

I want to use the ActionExperimenter from RYU to drive new arbitrary packet
modifiers via the experimenter extension to open flow.
I know I could use ovs-ofctl and actions.c  and add new instructions that
way, but I want to stick to OpenFlow so I can drive with other controllers
like Ryu.


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