[ovs-discuss] how does the barrier request work exactly

Andre Schütze andre_schutze at web.de
Thu Aug 6 20:33:12 UTC 2015

Hallo openvswitchlers,

I try to implement an OpenFlow controller with a special Update 
algorithm, which is called WayUp and is discribed in this paper: 
https://www.net.t-labs.tu-berlin.de/~stefan/hotnets14update.pdf .
My test environment consists of a mininet VM with ovs as switch and ryu 
as controller.
The update consists of several rounds. Openflow messages of round n have 
to be send to the switches and processed by the switch befor messages of 
round n+1 can be send. That means a switch have to install a rule of 
round n and forward packet according to this rule before the controller 
can send messages of round n+1. The controller have to wait till the 
switches install all rules. Can I use barrier requests to implement this 
behavior? When is a barrier reply send exactly?


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