[ovs-discuss] millions of packets going to a flow?

Gabe Black Gabe.Black at viavisolutions.com
Fri Aug 28 15:01:52 UTC 2015

Posted there per your suggestion.  

In reality, I'm just trying to find a branch of openstack where I can most easily get two VMs using ovs-dpdk to talk to each other to benchmark performance (both on the same compute node and on two different nodes).

I gave stable-kilo a whirl on Ubuntu/Fedora, but those didn't work following what little documentation I could find on that branch.  I seem to be closest to getting there on Ubuntu on master branch; it has more documentation, but is in development.  Maybe an inquiry on what I am trying to ultimately do better fits on the openstack-dev list.

However, all the commands I show in this inquiry are ovs-xyz commands.  My questions are around how to debug/troubleshoot where the packets are going.  I am new to all of this, but to me this did seem like the most relevant list to post that question. 

Thank you for your time!

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> This might draw better responses on the openstack-dev list.  It doesn't seem
> to be primarily about Open vSwitch but rather about OpenStack.

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