[ovs-discuss] OVN: missing chassis and flows

Russell Bryant russell at ovn.org
Tue Dec 8 21:05:23 UTC 2015

On 12/08/2015 02:35 PM, Yoshio Turner wrote:
> In the OVN tutorial
> (https://github.com/openvswitch/ovs/blob/master/tutorial/OVN-Tutorial.md),
> the "simple two-port setup" example works fine for me from within the
> sandbox environment. 
> I'm looking for pointers to help debug a similar setup I created outside
> the sandbox, using veth interfaces for lport1 and lport2. After running
> the setup.sh script, the OVN_Southbound database Chassis table is empty
> for some reason. Also, flow tables 0, 32, 33, 34 are missing from
> br-int. Packets sent between the two ports are dropped due to "no
> match". I'm running on Ubuntu 15.10 with Ubuntu kernel 4.2.0-18-generic,
> and OVS master branch fetched on Dec 4
> (commit 6422372c103d280450eb400ed7fe955b74deeb2a).

If the Chassis table is missing, you probably missed some ovn-controller
configuration.  Check the ovn-controller log file.  It probably is
giving an error.

The configuration is documented in the ovn-controller man page.


Here's what ovs-sandbox does:

    ovs-vsctl set open . external-ids:ovn-remote=unix:"$sandbox"/db.sock
    ovs-vsctl set open . external-ids:ovn-encap-type=geneve
    ovs-vsctl set open . external-ids:ovn-encap-ip=

You need to set those values as appropriate.

Russell Bryant

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