[ovs-discuss] How to send packets from a Linux process to OVS

Allan Lue ALue at federatedwireless.com
Wed Dec 9 02:49:56 UTC 2015


I need to have a Linux process (not VM) send packets to OVS. I have googled many times without finding info
that can help me. I have also looked into IPC debugging to see whether I can decode IPC messages, so far
I haven’t been able to.

Use an example,

The are 3 processes (not VMs) P1, P2 and P3, I would like them to send to OVS interfaces vnet1, vnet2, vnet3 respectively.
I am sure part of an IPC message will be a full ethernet frame. My question is besides the ethernet frame, what other info are
put into the message. There must be some info (e.g. index, interface id…) which indicates to the ovs-vswitchd process that
a packet is for either vnet1, vnet2 or vnet3 interface.

In short, what is the IPC message format for such case?
I believe I can use the same format VMs use to communicate with OVS.

Any help will be appreciated.

— Allan
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