[ovs-discuss] Decrease in delay with increase in input traffic rate

Uzzam Javed 13mseeujaved at seecs.edu.pk
Thu Dec 17 18:16:11 UTC 2015

Hi everyone, I am doing some experiments on a commercial router enabled
with OVS. I have connected two hosts to two ports of the router and have
added both ways flow entries through ‘ofctl’ command. I am generating round
trip traffic through a traffic generator at a constant rate. The total
number packets are kept constant to 10,000 packets. When I increase the
rate the overall delay decreases. The attached picture shows the density
plots of the 3 experiments having rate 10, 100 and 1000 packets/s input
traffic rate, respectively.

What is the reason for these results that why delay decreases with increase
in input traffic rate?


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