[ovs-discuss] Drops & Errors simulation at OVS port(ovs-ofctl dump-ports br-int)?

Veerendra K veerendra at n42inc.com
Thu Dec 31 06:55:45 UTC 2015

Hi all,

We are running Openstack Juno Version, the VMs are connected to open-vswitch via linux bridge, the topology follows like below
("{}" represents the Linux bridge and "[]" represents the open-vswitch)

VM1<---->{tapba740ea-c4, qbrba740ea-c4, qvbba740ea-c4}<--->[qvoba740ea-c4, qvoa1eba09e-99]<------>{qvba1eba09e-99, qbra1eba09e-99, tapa1eba09e-99}<---->VM2

As you know "qvoba740ea-c4" and "qvbba740ea-c4" are the veth pairs for VM1 and in the same way "qvoa1eba09e-99", "qvba1eba09e-99" for VM2

We generated TCP (UDP also) traffic between VM1 and VM2 with "iperf" and then configured drop and errors on "qvoba740ea-c4"(sudo tc qdisc add dev qvoba740ea-c4 root netem loss 50% corrupt 50%). But we couldn't see any drop or errors on any port (Checked with "ovs-ofctl dump-ports br-int"). Did we miss any thing? or We need to flush the flow tables? How can we simulate the drops and errors?

Thanks & Regards

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