[ovs-discuss] The action "dec_ttl" doesn't work

Amer amer7777 at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 2 03:48:33 UTC 2015


Dear All,

I am using mininet v 2.0 and OVS 1,10 
I run wireshatk in the background to check the IP-TTL value, however it doesn't decremented
I have used the following commands in riplpox to decrement the IP_TTL in reactive and proactive modes

  def install(self, port, packet, buf = None, idle_timeout = 0, hard_timeout = 0,
              priority = of.OFP_DEFAULT_PRIORITY):
#    msg = of.ofp_flow_mod()
    msg = nx.nx_flow_mod()
 #   msg.match = match
    msg.match.eth_src = packet.src
    msg.match.eth_dst = packet.dst
    msg.idle_timeout = idle_timeout
    msg.hard_timeout = hard_timeout
    msg.priority = priority
    msg.actions.append(of.ofp_action_output(port = port))
    msg.buffer_id = buf

Best regards,
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