[ovs-discuss] How to add support for propietary switch

Stacy Meszaros stacym at sphereonetech.com
Wed Mar 4 21:41:29 UTC 2015



I have built openvswitch 2.1.2 and can run it on my target Linux platform
(kernel version  My target is a proprietary switch.  I have read
the porting documentation and have several new modules linked into the

-          lib/dpif-prop.c  - based on dpif-netdev.c

-          lib/netdev-prop.c   -based on netdev.c

-          lib/netdev-prop.h  -based on netdev.h

Modified makefiles and source files to include new properitary classes

-          lib/dpif.c

-          lib/dpif-provider.h

-          lib/netdev.c


The modified code builds and runs on my target switch, I am able to create a
bridge and add ports to it using ovs-vsctl and the new proprietary functions
seem to be called (log messages used to confirm) , I can also add a flow,
using ovs-ofctl.  My problem cones in that I cannot figure out where to add
my 'hooks' into the openvswitch code so that my APIs can be called.  Once I
can figure out where to add calls to my dynamic library, I will be in good
shape.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?




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