[ovs-discuss] vswitchd crash with flow table 254 deletion

Vijaya Mohan Guvva vguvva at caviumnetworks.com
Tue Mar 10 06:56:00 UTC 2015

Hi all,
I get vswitchd crash (segfault) consistently with flow table 254 
deletion and with traffic. This special table has internal flows/rules 
(miss_rule, no_packet_in_rule etc) added during bridge creation and are 
getting deleting with ovs-ofctl del-flows <br_name> "table=254". These 
deleted stale rules are referred (xbridge->miss_rule and 
xbridge->no_packet_in_rule) when there is no flow match and resulting in 
segfault. I guess, these default flows shouldn't be deleted, but if they 
are part of flow tables, can be deleted. so we should move them a place 
where they never get deleted and always available.

Please suggest.

Regards, Vijay,
Cavium networks.

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