[ovs-discuss] Priority of flows in openvswitch code

Sumit Paliwal pg201372016 at iitj.ac.in
Tue Mar 17 18:25:13 UTC 2015

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to access the priorities of flows while inserting into flow
table in openvswitch. I'm using the linux implementation of datapath.
If anyone knows from where in code it is accessible, let me know.

Right now, In datapath/flow_table.c , in ovs_flow_tbl_insert function, I've
written these printk statements,
printk("The flow priorities accessible from struct sw_flow is : - %x , %x ,
%x, %x \n",mask->key.phy.priority, flow->unmasked_key.phy.priority,
flow->key.phy.priority, flow->mask->key.phy.priority);

The output that I got is :-
The flow priorities accessible from struct sw_flow is : -

I'm passing the priority value 55555 from pox controller and the flows
shows the same 55555 priority with ovs-ofctl command. It's just that how is
it stored in data structure and from where i can access it.

It would be of really great help, if anyone could tell me about this.

Thanks & Regards,
Sumit Paliwal
M.Tech. ICT,
IIT Jodhpur

*"Have a great Day... "*
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