[ovs-discuss] Cannot limit the bandwidth for particular OVS port

Tim Bagr timbgr at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 22:31:31 UTC 2015

Hello all,

I'm trying to limit the bandwidth for particular VM attached to OpenVSwitch

In my environment, there are VMs attached to virtual switch br3. I want to
limit bandwidth for one VM, which is attached to br3 and in_port 2. Doing
as follows:

# ovs-vsctl set port br3 qos=@newqos1 -- --id=@newqos1 create qos
type=linux-htb other-config:max-rate=10 queues:123=@vn2queue --
--id=@vn2queue create queue other-config:max-rate=10
# ovs-ofctl add-flow br3

After that, the bandwidth is limited as expected for all traffic going
through LOCAL port of br3, limit is very tight so even icmp echo is hardly
passed. All VMs are affected by this. Now I am going to limit the bandwidth
for only one VM, and give almost unlimited bandwidth for the others:

# ovs-vsctl set port br3 qos=@newqos1 -- --id=@newqos1 create qos
type=linux-htb other-config:max-rate=100000000

Here the ID 4d65ddec-5c5d-4c87-8165-dd51431c7ab3 is that queue which was
created in previous steps with max-rate=10
OpenFlow rule for redirecting traffic from the in_port=2 to that queue
remains the same.

After that I got all VMs (including attached to in_port 2) has got that big
bandwidth (100000000). But I was expecting that VM from port 2 cannot send
even pings (as its traffic should be limited by max-rate=10). Am I doing
something wrong or maybe have incorrect understanding how QoS works?
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