[ovs-discuss] isolation between 2 tap devices

Pujar, Shyam (Nokia - IN/Bangalore) shyam.pujar at nokia.com
Thu Mar 19 13:09:41 UTC 2015

        I am trying to communicate between 2 tap devices over ovs bridge. Irrespective of tap devices connection to bridge, packet transfer is possible.
Kernel is not submitting the packets to bridge. Internally packets are transferred between tap devices.
Could you please help me in getting the Tx through OVS bridge?

Steps performed:
1>      Ovs-vsctl add-br ovsbr0
2>      Ovs-vsctl add-port ovsbr0 tap0
3>      Ovs-vsctl add-port ovsbr0 tap1
4>      Ip l s tap0 up
5>      Ip l s tap1 up
6>      Ip l s ovsbr0 up
7>      run receiver on tap0
8>      run sender on tap1
9>      expect traffic from tap1 -> ovsbr0 -> tap0
10>      observed is tap1->tap0


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