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Stefano Salsano stefano.salsano at uniroma2.it
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 >> On Mar 20, 2015, at 6:02 AM, Radhakrishnan, Sharmila 
<sharmila.radhakrishnan at intel.com> wrote:
 >> Hi All,
 >> I wanted to understand, what is the maximum performance you can get 
with OVS switch.

Il 20/03/2015 16:25, Justin Pettit ha scritto:
> It's obviously dependent on many factors, but on reasonable hardware, I'd expect gigabits per second.

yes, hardware is the first factor, but note also that without further 
details on your test setup it is difficult to understand what are you 
actually measuring: the bottleneck could be external to open vswitch

for example if you are using tap (with tunneling in user space) you are 
typically spending lots of your CPU cycles in tunneling rather than 

see some results in the following paper

S. Salsano, P. L. Ventre, L. Prete, G. Siracusano, M. Gerola, E. 
Salvadori, “Open Source Hybrid IP/SDN networking (and its emulation on 
Mininet and on distributed SDN testbeds)”, 3rd European Workshop on 
Software Defined Networks, EWSDN 2014, 1-3 September 2014, Budapest, Hungary

>> I have connected 2 VMs to an OVS switch using Tap interface which are on the same network. When I sent packets(using PcktGen application) from 1 VM to another, I get very low performance.
>> For 64byte packet size, the throughput is ~5Mbps, 128B packet size it is 9Mbps and 254b packet size it is 16Mbps.
>> What is the maximum throughput that can be achieved with an OVS switch.
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Regards,
>> Sharmila
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