[ovs-discuss] OVS not forwarding the first packet

deena mukundan deena_m_in at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 20 16:40:32 UTC 2015

Hi all, We are having a setup where we've attached a OVS to ODL controller and OVS is connected. The OVS is in turn connected to Open stack and we have servers running in the VM.  We've configured the load balancer application in ODL, so that load balancing of Clients connections against Server can be achieved by flow rules.  When the first Client Packet is received by OVS, OVS forwards the packet to ODL controller. ODL controller creates rules and sends flow add request to OVS. Flow rules are created for both forward and reverse path to replace destination VIP address to chosen server IP address & Mac-address of the qrouter(of the next hop) . In the reverse path to replace the source as VIP address.   From ODL controller, we generated a packet_out for the initial packet with action to put on o/p port. It was observed that this packet was received by the OVS, but not forwarded further. We could enable snooping and verify that this packet was received by OVS. Also, we verified the counters it didn't display any drop packets.  But all subsequent packets sent from Client to Server are traversing through this rule and are correctly getting forwarded.  We also tried to modify the packet_out to go through the flow table rule instead of putting to the output port . Here also , we see that the packet was received by the OVS but was not forwarded further. Has anyone faced this kind of issue ? Any help is appreciated.  Regards,
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