[ovs-discuss] set-controller per table?

Ashok Chippa a.n.chippa at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 19:37:04 UTC 2015


As I understand, today openvswitch supports multiple controllers, but not
on a per table basis.
For features that require multiple local controllers, e.g. I may want to
punt data packets for DPI, and ARP packets for an other purpose, up to the
local controllers. The local DPI userspace module may not be implemented in
the same process as the agent that handles punted ARP packets. The
flexibility to keep them separate is nice from a modularity and performance

So the short question is:

1. Is this a good idea?, i.e. the ability to set-controller on a per table
basis instead of the whole switch (as today).
2. If so, how do I go about requesting for this feature from the
openvswitch experts?

Looking forward to your response.

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