[ovs-discuss] Mirroring works only for layer2 traffic.

AJ NOURI ajn.bin at gmail.com
Fri May 1 21:01:44 UTC 2015

Hi everyone,

For testing purposes, I am using Open vswitch to mirror traffic from 2
interfaces eth1 and eth2 to eth3. I am using the following command:

ovs-vsctl -- set Bridge br0 mirrors=@m \
 -- --id=@eth1 get Port eth1 \
 -- --id=@eth2 get Port eth2 \
 -- --id=@eth3 get Port eth3 \
 -- --id=@m create Mirror name=e1e2toe3 select-dst-port=@eth1
select-src-port=@eth1 output-port=@eth3

A node with tcpdump is connected to eth3.

tcpdump shows only layer2 traffic: ARP, CDP (Cisco devices connected to
eth1 and eth2) conversations between devices connected to eth1 and eth2,
but no upper layers:
ex: pings, ssh, telnet not visible.

Any hint?

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