[ovs-discuss] Behaviour of ovsdb_idl_add_table()

Aymerich, Edward edward.aymerich at hpe.com
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I was under the impression that ovsdb_idl_add_table() replicates and monitors all columns of a given table, so I don't have to add each column individually. But this is not working for me.

Let's say that I have a table called 'Test', and this table has columns 'colA', 'colB' and 'colC'. If I call:

ovsdb_idl_add_column(*idl, 'colA');
ovsdb_idl_add_column(*idl, 'colC');

Then just 'colA' and 'colC' are replicated, as it should be. But if I call just:

ovsdb_idl_add_table(*idl, 'Test');

then no column is replicated. If I want to monitor the whole table, I have to do:

ovsdb_idl_add_table(*idl, 'Test');
ovsdb_idl_add_column(*idl, 'colA');
ovsdb_idl_add_column(*idl, 'colB');
ovsdb_idl_add_column(*idl, 'colC');

and in this case the call to ovsdb_idl_add_table() is totally useless, as the code behavior is exactly the same if I remove it.

The python equivalent to ovsdb_idl_add_table(), SchemaHelper.register_table(), does replicate and monitor all columns of the table, as expected.

Should ovsdb_idl_add_table() behave as register_table(), or is there a reason why it seems to do nothing?


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